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Temporary Cover for Young Drivers

Young drivers are in the weakest position with respect to temporary cover. Many insurers refuse to cover anyone below age 25. Others refuse anyone below age 23 or 21. Regardless of what each insurer denotes as 'too young,' it's clear that drivers age 17 to 25 have the most difficulty getting cover. Many look to temporary (ie 1 to 28 days) cover to fill in this gap, only to find that it's often unavailable to young drivers. Since insurance is all about risk, and young drivers are the riskiest of all, many temporary insurers have basically washed their hands of drivers between 17 and 21. Though this position is understandable, it doesn't help young drivers, who find themselves in the unenviable position of needing to purchase high-cost annual insurance or go without.

If you click HERE you'll be taken to a site which can cover most drivers over the age of 19 for between 1 and 28 days. If you are even younger a possible answer is to buy 'pay as you go' 1 to 8 months cover; this is available from the age of 17 upwards and although the minimum period that can be covered is one month it can still work out a lot cheaper than buying a year's policy - and a whole lot safer than risking prosecution, or a substantial bill for damages, by driving whilst uninsured. Apart from the fact that this cover is bought on a month to month basis - it renews at the end of each month unless it is cancelled online with at least two weeks' notice - it is just the same as normal yearly insurance in most respects, so you get a proper cover note which you can use to tax a car with. You can buy pay as you go cover here.

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